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Motorcycle body repair is 50% of our business. Don’t buy new parts

For your dented or scratched motorcycle unless your part is UN repairable, 

Or you can buy a new factory part for less money. It’s easy to figure  

Out the cost of factory repairs. The cost is 60% of a new part if repairable.

 $250.00 minimum charge, plus shipping.

Average cost of shipping is $60.00 both ways depending on location.

Email us some good pictures of damaged areas and we will tell you if

We can do a Quality body repair or not.

We are also very good at custom motorcycle painting and have repaired

Hundreds of custom motorcycle paint jobs in the last twenty plus years.

Cost for these types of repairs vary greatly but email us some pictures

And we will let you know.

The most important part of a Crash repair is always safety.

Every precaution needs to be taken to insure that the motorcycle

 Leaves the repair shop in pre crash condition.

The first things we look for are all points of impact they are identified by

Scratches dents and

Any misalignments of parts we can see. If there is any question I use a laser

 To measure the

Frame and all other drive train and steering components.

 After all damage is assessed and

A list is made. Then a quality repair can begin. Most of the time the

Motorcycle body repair needed is superficial.

So we replace any scratched or dented chrome pieces handle bar grips etc.

Now regarding the the motorcycle paint repair this is how we determine

If the sheet metal needs to be replaced. Its simple how much is a new part?

 And how much Time will it take to repair the damaged part? x shop rate.

 Sometimes it just makes sense to buy a new part.

And sometimes you can waste a lot of money on (I want a brand new part.)

But the repaired part has to look and perform as well as a brand new part.

Our repairs always meet these standards.

First of all we never take short cuts. It’s all about the foundation if you paint

 Over junk it will be junk. Maybe it will look OK for a little while but not for long.

 All bare metal is coated with epoxy etch primer. Next all body repairs

 Are primed with two part urethane primer sanded down with

400 grit sand paper. Then the complete part is degreased sanded with

 800 grit sandpaper.

We then soda blast all the nooks and crannies to guarantee the

Paint won’t flake off.

All parts are then degreased again sealed with two part urethane sealer

And sprayed with the color coat. If the motorcycle paint is just one color

We will then go ahead and apply 3 coats of clear coat to the part or parts.

If we are going to apply a custom vinyl graphic or air brush art we would do that.

 Then apply 5 coats of clear coat. The reason we apply 2 more coats over

Art is that when it dries we can sand the tank down flat over the

Art and polish to a show quality finish. We are all about quality

We only use the best materials available.   


          Before     After with custom paint

    This customer was able to pay for a custom paint job with the savings!!!